I am a photographer in NYC that loves to travel. I would like to create awe inspiring, intensely vivid images that force the observer to question sexuality, identity, and boundaries....enjoy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Casting for male and female models in DC and NY...

I am working on a Photo project titled, "Sex is a Weapon".  I will be shooting in DC and NY.
You can see some of my work at http://eatthecakenyc.viewbook.com

This project will directly address sex and sexuality.  Some of the images will be meant to challenge the observer, some of the images will be meant for me to challenge myself (take myself out of my comfort zone), and challenge people's notions of sexuality and intimacy.
My influences for this are Mapplethorpe, Newton and Richardson.

I will be working with at least three other photographers on this project, with the expectation of showing the work towards the beginning of Spring 2010.

Let me know what themes interest you, what themes challenge you and what themes are too much for you...

Here are some of the categories (very tentative)
  -- the human form -- engage viewers and challenge their notions of aesthetic normalcy and beauty
--- biting and scratching---
---gender role ambiguity and same couple intimacy
----general social norms about acceptable sexual behavior
--- privacy verses publicity

I like images that are vibrant, alive with energy and embody a narrative of some sort.. there is always an element of action.. like something just happened or is about to happen or is happening...

If interested, email me at info@chriscarrphoto.com 



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