I am a photographer in NYC that loves to travel. I would like to create awe inspiring, intensely vivid images that force the observer to question sexuality, identity, and boundaries....enjoy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Photos by Yasmine Rice - Behind the scenes of ALL I THINK IS PINK

Check out some behind the scene shots of ALL I THINK IS PINK.. the film (shot by Yasmin Rice). You can hear some of the music that will accompany the footage below..

<a href="http://rosettastoned.bandcamp.com/track/all-i-think-is-pink-lost-mix">All I Think Is Pink (Lost Mix) by Rosetta Stoned</a>

<a href="http://rosettastoned.bandcamp.com/track/all-i-think-is-pink">All I Think Is Pink by Rosetta Stoned</a>

to hear more, go to http://rosetta-stoned.com Peace...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some behind the scenes photos from All I THINK is PINK .. the short FIlm

..photos by Noam Harary and Ian Wolfson

"All I Think Is Pink" by Rosetta Stoned

All I Think Is Pink is an ode to passion, eros, and intimacy composed by Rosetta Stoned. Each of the five songs visually depicts and encapsulates a different aspect of eroticism...the passion, the physicality, & the intensity. Rosetta Stoned is digitally releasing new music biweekly for a 10 week period to create "Volume One". The music for All I Think Is Pink was the initial release from "Volume One" and the short film will conclude the story when it debuts Feb. 14th 2010.

Attached Artwork: There are clean & dirty (NSFW) versions of the artwork for this song attached to this email. Feel free to use whichever cover best suits your audience. [Photo Credits:http://EatTheCakeNYC.com]

"i don't separate based on race I love black women but down to integrate 
naked, swim in lakes
her body is sweet as pie, wanna watch me eat the cake?
look at her silhouette perfectly placed on my face"

- Stoney Ashes

"primitive nature 
i'm hungry, eat her, ate her
bend her, break her
feels like i need to take her
sweet love by Anita Baker"

- Mental Stamina

Rosetta-Stoned.com - Volume One
12/18/09 - "Tim Burton" - http://rosettastoned.bandcamp.com/album/tim-burton
1/1/10 - "Gorilla Superman" - http://rosettastoned.bandcamp.com/album/gorilla-superman
1/15/10 - "Suicide Unassisted" - (music coming soon)
1/29/10 - "Singularities" - (music coming soon)

2/14/10 - "All I Think Is Pink" - (short film coming on Valentine's Day)