I am a photographer in NYC that loves to travel. I would like to create awe inspiring, intensely vivid images that force the observer to question sexuality, identity, and boundaries....enjoy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Casting for Nude models...

Peace, my name is Chris - I am a Professional photographer based in NY.  I am casting for models that would like to participate in my nude art project.  Here is a brief description of the work.. 

Flesh - an exploration of the human form 
An investigation of sexuality, eroticism, and nudity. 
The purpose:  To force and encourage viewers to confront their notions of normalcy and deviance in terms of sexuality, beauty, and erotic expressions. 
MY GOAL IS TO SHOOT AS MANY NAKED PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE IN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS..old, young, white, black, purple, tall short, male, female, trans.. 

you can see my work at 


Once shot, the material will be printed and presented in a few galleries . one in NJ, one in NY and one in Wash DC...the goal is to create stunning and amazing artwork and get some buzz/exposure for the models involved.  

If you are interested, please send a note to samobeats@gmail.com that includes the following: 

Link to on line portfolio (send the complete URL) 
Availability in the next two weeks

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