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Monday, April 19, 2010

Casting for GREETINGS FROM BUSHWICK .. we need actors and actresses

My name is Chris Carr -
I am casting for another project - an independent film that will be shooting in Brooklyn over the next month.

Here are the dates:

Wedensday, April 21, 10 extras, 5 will be dressed as Gods & Goddesses - all partygoers
255 McKibbin Street - late morning, early afternoon

Thursday April 22: 3 Sirens (end of shoot)

Wednesday April 28: 2 Cops (beginning of shoot) 15
Hipsters, 5 Gods/Goddesses (middle of shoot)

Thursday April 29: 25 God/Goddesses (end of shoot)

Friday April 30: 2 Taggers, 1 Drunk (beginning of shoot), 5 Gods/Goddesses, 15 Hipsters (entire shoot)

Saturday May 1: 25 Gods/Goddesses, 3 Sirens, 15 hipsters (entire shoot)

Tuesday May 4: 5 Hipsters (most of shoot)

Wednesday May 5: 5 Gods/Goddesses (beginning of shoot), 15 Hipsters (entire shoot)

Friday May 7: 2 Punks (end of shoot)

“Greetings From Bushwick” takes you through a day in the life of a twenty-nine year old writer struggling to finish his first novel. His not-so-glamorous livelihood as a freelance greeting card writer and part-time superintendent of the building he lives in only add to the difficulty in fulfilling his lifelong dream. From money problems to girlfriend problems, Jack must come to terms with the many facets of his life as he becomes aware of the things that matter the most.
'Life doesn’t wait. So what are you waiting for?'



If you are interested, send me a note with the roles that you are interested in and the days you are available ..


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