I am a photographer in NYC that loves to travel. I would like to create awe inspiring, intensely vivid images that force the observer to question sexuality, identity, and boundaries....enjoy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Photo PArty - bring your short shorts!!!


My name is Chris and I am the photographer from Eat the Cake NYC. I am holding a casting/photo party in Brooklyn on Saturday, Aug 29, 2009.

I am casting for male and female models of all race/ethnic/national backgrounds and all sizes for my portraiture project - I will be photographing as many people as possible wearing short shorts.. like 1970's NBA shorts. I will eventually show these pieces in galleries (NYC and DC)

You can see my work at http://eatthecakenyc.viewbook.com

You can see an examples of short shorts here:

Please respond to info@chriscarrphoto.com with:
Link to on line port:

I will give you details, address and directions.

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